This Utah Ice Castle Is Like Something Out Of A Fairy Tale

We’ve shown you so many Utah winter wonderlands already this season. From this gorgeous, snowy town to this charming little Christmas village to these Christmas light displays, we’ve given you plenty to see and do this month. But what will you do when Santa has come and gone and all the lights and tinsel are packed away ’til next year? Well, here’s a little secret…the most enchanting winter wonderland is yet to come! Take a look, and make your plans now.

They’re busily building the ice castles right now! Once the weather is cold enough, they’ll open to the public. Check out this timelapse video posted by

Tickets go on sale as soon as Midway Ice Castles has a firm opening date. Keep an eye on the happenings on Facebook, and visit the website for more information. Did you see them last year? Tell us about it!