How This Small Utah Town Quietly Became The Coolest Place In The West

When you think of “cool” places, what comes to mind? Los Angeles, with its movie sets and celebrities? New York with its iconic buildings and tourists from all over the world? Utah might not be cool in comparison to those glamorous, urban places…but there’s one little town in the Beehive State that’s got a certain vibe that they just can’t replicate. Kanab is the epitome of cool…and the best part? It got that way without even trying. The next time you’re drumming up a list to visit the best small towns in Utah, the small town of Kanab should certainly make the list. Heck, it’s only just the coolest place in the west, after all.

What’s your favorite thing about Kanab? Do you think it’s the coolest place in the west? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section! Or if you have any other suggestions for hip towns in Utah to consider, then make sure to shout those out, too.

Address: Kanab, UT 84741, USA
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Coolest Place In The West

May 23, 2021

What are the most charming small towns in Utah?

Oftentimes the best small towns in Utah are the most charming. You know exactly the towns we mean, right? Those places are filled with character and friendly locals, plus tons of things to do and see. Utah is jam-packed with these small towns, from Mt. Pleasant in Sanpete County to Moab in Grand County.  Each of these towns offers something different, but all of them have fewer than 20,000 residents, creating that ultimate small-town charm.

What is the most naturally beautiful town in Utah?

Whether you’re exploring the small town of Kanab or browsing your own list of the coolest towns in Utah, you’ll have plenty of places to explore. But if you really want an experience, one that’ll offer up tons of natural beauty, then we recommend visiting the small town of Alpine. This beautiful town has fewer than 10,000 residents and is nestled near the majestic foothills of American Fork Canyon. With the rolling mountains as the backdrop to this town, imagine waking up to views like this every morning!

What is the oldest town in Utah?

There is nothing quite like exploring a part of Utah that is also filled with history. Ogden has been dubbed the oldest town in Utah, dating back to the early 1800s. Today, Ogden is a thriving city with over 84,000 people, but back in 1845, there was only a handful of folks who called this place home. You can still visit the cabin of Miles Goodyear, which was built back in 1845!

Address: Kanab, UT 84741, USA