Goblin’s Lair Trail Is A Hike In Utah That Leads To A Secret Canyon

A big part of the attraction of Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park is how the iconic hoodoos come into view so soon. Yet for visitors who want more of a hiking and sightseeing challenge, with some surprises and even greater rewards, the Goblin’s Lair Trail is the ticket. Also known as the Chamber of the Basilisk, the Lair is sometimes labeled a cave. It is technically a slot canyon, as opposed to a cavern. In any case, it is a marvel to visitors who are not expecting to see anything like this natural feature in the side of a mountain. It is no longer officially a “secret,” thanks to the marked trail, so let’s call it “lesser-known” among Goblin Valley’s features.

The Goblin’s Lair is accessible year-round via the trail that starts on the Carmel Canyon loop before splitting off. Goblette’s Lair, requiring less scrambling, is a quarter-mile farther along the trail. For more information about hiking to the Goblin’s Lair, see the Goblin Valley State Park website.

Address: Goblin Valley State Park, Goblin Valley Rd, Green River, UT 84525, USA