What This Drone Footage Caught in Utah Will Drop Your Jaw

Whether you’re Mormon or not, if you live in Utah, the LDS church has some impact on your life. Utah’s population is just over 60 percent Mormon, there’s an LDS church on almost every corner, and LDS temples are perched in prominent spots all across the state (16, to be exact). Each temple is unique and impressive in its own way, but it can be difficult to fully appreciate the beauty of each – if you’re not LDS, you can’t go inside.

This aerial drone footage, shot by Dane Christensen, allows you to see a bird’s eye view of all 16 temples, along with the surrounding city/countryside. You don’t have to be an adherent of the LDS faith to appreciate the undeniable beauty of these lofty panoramas of both the temples and the scenic beauty of the towns in which they’re situated.

Which is your favorite?