These 10 Crazy Laws in Utah Will Leave You Scratching Your Head in Wonder

An internet search for “weird laws in Utah” churns out tons of results – many of which aren’t accurate. In fact, when we started researching this article, we found all kinds of claims about illegal things in Utah, but couldn’t locate many of them in any ordinance or code. However, we were able to find a few weird laws in Utah that are actually on the books. Some make sense, while others will have you scratching your head.

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So, did you know about these weird laws in Utah? Know of any other strange things about Utah? Or, maybe you have some fun facts about Utah? Tell us!

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Weird Laws In Utah

September 02, 2021

Are there any other weird laws in Utah?

When it comes to weird laws in Utah, the laws mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are several other illegal things in Utah that’ll have you scratching your head. For instance, it’s illegal to cause any sort of catastrophe in Utah. So, what exactly qualifies as a catastrophe? Well, according to the state’s criminal code, a catastrophe is defined as the “use of a weapon of mass destruction or explosion, fire, flood, avalanche, collapse of a building, or other harmful or destructive force or substance that is not a weapon of mass destruction.”

What are some other illegal things in Utah that are on the odd side?

Weird laws in Utah are plentiful. One such law is that it’s illegal to modify the weather in Utah – without a permit, that is. According to the Utah Administrative Code, weather modifications include “all acts undertaken to artificially distribute or create nuclei in cloud masses for the purposes of altering precipitation, cloud forms, or other meteorological parameters.” Some weird laws in Utah are only applicable in certain cities, such as the Kaysville law that states you can’t enter a convenience store after dark without presenting an I.D. Trout Creek is another Utah town with an unusual law – you can’t use gunpowder to cure a headache. Apparently, this law came about because pharmacists once prescribed gunpowder to remedy headaches.

What are some fun facts about Utah?

Just like weird laws in Utah, fun facts about Utah about abundant. For example, did you know that Utah is the only state where every county contains a portion of a national forest? Or, what about the fact that the inventor of the Frisbee as well as the inventor of the prototype of the first all-electric television are both from Utah? Lastly, there’s the fact that Utah is the only state whose capital is three words long. Interestingly enough, it was initially four words long. That’s right; Salt Lake City was originally known as Great Salt Lake City; however, it was eventually shortened because it was deemed too similar to Great Salt Lake.

Address: Utah, USA