A Drone Flew Over Angel’s Landing In Utah And Captured Mesmerizing Footage

Have you ever hiked Angel’s Landing? Many Utahns have, but most do it in the warmer months. This drone footage, posted on YouTube by Andrew Knugl in January, 2016, shows it like you’ve probably never seen it.

Near the end of the video, the footage shows you just how high Angel’s Landing is as you look right over the edge into the valley below. You’ll see Walter’s Wiggles and get an incredible perspective of this gorgeous place. If you’re afraid of heights, or unable to make this hike because of health concerns, this is the very best way to see the view from the top!

The hike is truly spectacular, but it’s not for everyone. Before you go, read about our 9 reasons this hike is a terrible idea (and 5 reasons to do it anyway).

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