The 9 Things Outsiders Always Get Wrong About Utah

As a general rule, people tend to stereotype a group of people or a place. For instance, you may have heard that Florida is just full of retirees and alligators, and that all Texans listen to country music and wear cowboy hats. These generalizations may have a grain of truth, but overall, they’re wrong. Sure, retirees love Florida, but only around 20 percent of the state’s residents are older than 60. Texas does have its share of country music fans, some of whom wear cowboy hats, but it also hosts the largest music festival of its kind in the world, South By Southwest, which brings in artists from all over the world, playing all genres of music from Afro pop to folk to indie rock.

As Utahns, we’re lucky to live in this beautiful state, but people from other places often have misconceptions about what it’s like here. Here are 9 things that outsiders often get wrong about the Beehive State:

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