These Are The 15 Most Expensive Zip Codes In America

If you think the cost of living is high where you live, try comparing your bills to those of people living in America’s priciest zip codes.

House-hunting site Zillow ranked the most expensive zip codes in the country using data from its Home Value Index. The researchers compared the median home value of towns across the nation and the results are equal parts surprising and expected.

  1. 11962: Bridgehampton, New York
  2. 94027: Atherton, California
  3. 90210: Beverly Hills, California
  4. 33109: Fisher Island, Florida
  5. 94301: Palo Alto, California
  6. 11976: Water Mill, New York
  7. 94022: Palo Alto, California
  8. 94028: Portola Valley, California
  9. 90402: Los Angeles, California
  10. 94305: Stanford, California
  11. 10013: New York City (Portions of Tribeca and Soho)
  12. 90265: Malibu, California
  13. 93108: Montecito, California
  14. 92067: Rancho Santa Fe, California
  15. 11930: Amagansett, New York


Though it’s not surprising to see places like Beverly Hills on the list, it is a little startling to see some relatively unknown spots like Water Mill, New York make the ranking of the most expensive places to buy a home in America. Though the study only looked at median home prices, the cost of living in these communities in terms of utilities, grocery bills, and childcare likely parallels the inflated price tags on property.

In summary, families looking to cut costs might want to avoid putting down roots in coastal California or the Hamptons.