As we dive deeper into Season Two of the podcast, we’re focusing on Local Lore & Legends state-by-state. However, this week we’re taking a detour in order to really learn about cryptids, cryptid culture, as well as some cryptid backstories. If you look at cryptids by state, which we have each week, you’ll notice a lot of familiar trends – glowing red eyes, oftentimes winged, usually huge in stature. Yet, a lot of questions have arisen during the podcast recordings this season that landed us right here – an episode dedicated to all things cryptids in the United States.

U.S. Cryptid Questions We’ll Cover

  • What is the cryptids definition?
  • Do cryptids differ by state?
  • Where did cryptids originate?
  • What is cryptozoology?


What Is The Cryptids Definition?

You’ve probably noticed a trend this season of the podcast where we discuss certain creatures of the night that terrorize the states we’re covering. These creatures are also known as cryptids. The word “cryptid” is about a creature believed to exist without significant proof. The term has been around since the early 80s. However, sightings and claims have been around for centuries before. 

We all have heard the stories before, no matter where we live in the country. Yetis, Bigfoot, Mothman, the Skunk Ape. These cryptids have enthralled and mesmerized people for decades. There is a fascination that people have surrounding cryptids that some might not even be able to explain.

Cryptid Origins:

Let’s discuss cryptid origins with a trip all the way back to the 15th century BC in Egypt. That’s where the story starts. Egypt was being ruled by Queen Hatshepsut (hat-SHEP-soot), who would send ships across the very much uncharted Red Sea in order to bring back unknown animals. Some of these animals:

  • Long-necked dragon (also known as a giraffe)
  • Parrots
  • African unicorns (better known as Okapi)


These animals were all very much unknown in Egypt and, therefore, quite mysterious.

Then you have The Rāmāyaṇa of Valmiki, a Sanskrit literature poet around the 2nd and 4th centuries BC. There were references made regarding monkey-like humanoids with human intelligence named Vanaras. There are many references to Vanaras through these Sanskrit epics, which many equate to an Asian Bigfoot. 

Then we have a Roman author, naturalist, and philosopher who wrote about his journeys across East Africa and India in AD 77. He told stories of seeing likes like giant grasshoppers, fire-breathing basilisks, and unknown insects.

Fast-forward to Conrad Gesner, a Swiss naturalist, and biographer who founded modern zoology. From 1551-1558 he wrote the five-volume Historiae Animalium, considered to be the beginning of modern zoology. The five volumes are over 4,500 pages and consist of a few cryptids: prehistoric fossils, unicorns, hellcats, sea monsters, sky serpents, dragons, mermaids, and the Kraken.

David Thompson, the “greatest land geographer that ever lived,” was the first person to document a sasquatch scientifically and its footprints in 1811.

So, all-in-all cryptozoology has spanned thousands of years. And it’s important to keep in mind that while many people consider cryptozoology to be a pseudoscience, many of the creatures we know today as actual species were once considered to be cryptids.


(00:50:00) The Definition Of A Cryptid

(3:45:00) What is Cryptozoology?

(11:18:00) How Did Cryptids Come To Be?

Cryptids are considered animals that cryptologists and others believe to exist in the wild but likely aren’t recognized by science or have substantial proof of existence. But perhaps the fascination with cryptids comes from the anecdotal stories that are attached to each creature. We take apart and hash out the urban legends, folklore, and most popular cryptids for every state each week on our podcast.

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