There’s A Toxic Pond In The Middle Of Montana And People Are Racing To See It

This has got to be one of the weirdest tourist attractions in the country. A gaping pit filled with toxic heavy metals is now a travel hot spot for a very weird reason.

Berkeley Pit is located in Butte, Montana. It was formed when the town’s former mining business died away and left a huge hole filled with corrosive liquid in its wake. The pit is 1780 feet deep and a mile and half wide.

You definitely don’t want to take a dip in this pond. The water is so corrosive and toxic that a flock of 342 geese that decided to hang out near the edge were all found dead with charred insides the next day. Officials fear it will eventually contaminate the groundwater of the area as soon as 2022.

Even more bizarre? Scientists think that this toxic hole may hold the secret to curing cancer. Apparently, the waters of the pit are home to microorganisms that aren’t found anywhere else on Earth. The adaptations that these organisms must have to survive in such a hostile environment may help researchers figure out how to cure disease.

If you want to visit Berkeley Pit, you can pay $2 to check out the observation deck and peer into the depths.