The One Amazing Riverboat Cruise You Simply Must Take This Year

Old Man River is getting another look from some fresh faces, as river cruising has taken on a popular choice for vacationing. As a result, a new generation of Mississippi riverboats is modernizing the experience utilizing luxurious settings, adding to the appeal of cruising in the U.S.. We all know the cutesy paddle boat tours that take guests on a few-hour cruise around a local area, perhaps adding in buffet dining and usually subpar entertainment. Forget that notion, and instead imagine luxurious suites and five-star meals that allows pampered guests to see the sights like never before.

The most common route on the American Duchess by the American Queen Steamboat Co. is a 9-day cruise between New Orleans, Louisiana, and Memphis, Tennessee. But other routes are also scheduled on occasion as well. American Cruise Lines also debuting a new series of contemporary riverboats, many debuting in 2018-2019, that leave the paddlewheel behind. Prices are affordable, depending on your budget and option you choose, and allow cruisers to stay stateside.

Have you cruised the Mississippi River or taken another rivercruise somewhere in America? If so, what is your experience, and would you recommend it to others? Which one was your favorite and what is the best time to see the sights of the U.S.? We’d love for you to share your experiences.

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