Come Along On The Tornado Chasing Adventure Of A Lifetime Near Morton, Texas

Hi. My name is Tori. I’m a writer for Only In Your State, where I bring you all kinds of cool places and things mostly about the lovely states of Indiana and North Dakota. But I have another passion outside of writing, a major one, and that’s what this article is about, as opposed to the usual stately delights. Wanna come along?

I have been chasing storms in the Great Plains since 2016 and chasing monsoon storms in Arizona for much longer. Forecasting, pursuing, and photographing the meanest weather Mother Nature has to offer is my passion and my lifestyle, and boy, can it ever get interesting sometimes. This story is about exactly that: one of those times it got interesting.

I woke on the morning of May 23rd, 2022, much like I did every morning: by immediately rolling over, disabling my alarm, and checking the Storm Prediction Center’s Convective Outlook for the day. The Storm Prediction Center is an agency that, with its team of top-notch meteorologists and forecasters, predicts the probabilities of severe weather over the next one to eight days; it assigns five risk levels to the day’s potential, and today – known as Day 1 on the outlooks – wasn’t looking like much. The SPC had issued a “slight” risk across most of Texas, which is the second-lowest level of risk they offer. It also called for a 2% tornado risk for the day, meaning any given location within the 2% risk area had a 2% chance of a tornado occurring there.

It is days like these that remind us of what being alive is all about. The days you don’t expect – the days that surprise you in the best of ways. The days that go beautifully, where nobody is hurt, and everything works out perfectly.

In the closing words of my childhood hero, an also-from-Arizona storm chasing pioneer by the name of Warren Faidley: I can’t wait ‘til spring.

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