This tiny island in New York is the smallest inhabited island in the world, and it’s actually pretty adorable.

Just Enough Room Island is located in Alexandria Bay just a few hundred feet away from famous Boldt Castle in New York. The teeny island is just about 3,300 square feet, which is just a touch larger than a standard tennis court.

Just Enough Room Island is one of the 1,864 islands that speckle the St. Lawrence River as it winds its way northeast. The island is owned by the Sizeland family, who purchased the sandy speck in the 1950s in the hopes of using it as a relaxing vacation spot. They built a small cottage and planted a single tree, which is about all the development the island can accommodate.

However, word soon got out about the bite-size island and tourists have been ogling the island from river boat cruises ever since.

If you want to see this tiny island for yourself, check out it’s location on Google Maps here. Please note that Just Enough Room Island is private property, so don’t go paddling out there for a closer look. If islands are your thing, here are some of the best in America.


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