Trees as tall as buildings with leaves like dinner plates. All around you, a deep hush is broken only by the sounds of flapping wings and the distant murmur of water lapping against a lakeshore. Sound like a dream? Nope – it’s just Sequoia National Park. This spot doesn’t get as much press as its cousin, Redwood National Park, but it’s just as otherworldly. Here’s why you should visit ASAP:

No matter when you visit, this incredible national park will have you coming back again and again. Learn more about Sequoia National Park on the NPS website, and start planning your visit today! For more of the coolest spots to explore across the country, let this article give you some inspiration.

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National Park To Visit In California

What are the best things to do outside in Northern California?  

It’s no secret at all that California is a humongous state; the northern half tends to get all the love as the beautiful, woodsy type of amazingness, whereas SoCal gets all the attention for its amazing beaches. The entire state is amazing for those who enjoy the outdoors, but Northern California is particularly awe-inspiring. It’s a great place to get out and enjoy life. Some of our favorite things to do outside in Northern California include all the basics, like camping, hiking, biking, mountain climbing, geocaching, and more; a wonderful place to begin is at any of our awesome state parks, most of which are open year-round. Some state parks, like Mount Diablo State Park, offer amazing camping under the stars – an experience you won’t forget. Climb Mount Shasta or visit an arboretum in San Fransisco; take a hike alongside an amazing lake or seek out waterfalls. The bay area has plenty of amazing spots to check out, too – the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination, so get to dreaming! Need more ideas? Take a look at this article for plenty more.

What are the best hiking trails in Sequoia National Park?  

There are 110 amazing hiking trails inside Sequoia National Park, including a span of different trails for varying skill levels. They range in length from very short to very long, and each one comes with its own incredible sights to see and experiences to have. Some of our favorite hikes include the half-mile but still mighty Moro Rock Trail, which is rated as moderately challenging and supplies hikers with astonishing views. Take Tokopah Valley Trail to an amazing waterfall finish; that one’s a little longer, at four miles in length, but it’s worth the challenge. Need something a little easier? No worries – give the amazing General Sherman Tree Trail a shot; it’s just 1.2 miles long and affords you incredible views of the trees we all know and love.