This New Trail Will Connect 3 Entire States And It Looks Amazing

Good news for nature lovers: a massive new network of hiking and biking trails may be coming to the Northeast. The proposed trails would connect New York, Connecticut and New Jersey with over 1,650 miles of new routes.

Most impressive of all, over 80 percent of residents in all three states would be within 2 miles of a trail. A staggering 8 million residents would be within a half-mile of a trail.

This new tri-state system has been proposed by a New York-based non-profit as a way of connecting the region’s beautiful natural landscapes, improving access to healthy recreation opportunities and vitalizing local economies.

The network would also help residents access trails without driving long distances to points of entry, which would cut down on emissions and protect the environment.

Beloved natural landmarks like the Catskill Mountains, the Hudson River Valley Greenway and the Empire Trail would be incorporated. The additional trails would make it possible to walk from Manhattan to Canada.

Details regarding the cost and completion date of this project are expected to be released soon.