The Mountain In The Northeast That’s One Of The Most Dangerous Peaks In The US

It might seem surprising that a relatively small mountain in New England could be more dangerous than Alaska’s Denali, but statistically, this is true. Due to its location, Mount Washington experiences some of the windiest and least predictable weather in the world. Here’s more on this beautiful peak, which just so happens to be one of the most dangerous peaks in the U.S:

Curious to see the infamous winds of Mount Washington? Watch this brief video for an idea of just how intense it can get up there:

Have you visited the summit of Mount Washington? Be sure to share with us – we love photos and stories in the comments! Need some more amazing New Hampshire in your life right about now? Check out this article about some of New Hampshire’s most charming little towns that’ll transport you into the past.

Address: Mount Washington, Mt Washington, Sargent's Purchase, NH 03846, USA
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Most Dangerous Places in The U.S.

January 31, 2022

What are the most difficult mountains in New Hampshire to climb?

New Hampshire is home to many peaks popular among climbers; some of those peaks, however, are actually quite dangerous. Folks may not think of New Hampshire as a place with scary – even deadly – mountain ranges, but they’re mistaken. There most certainly are mountains in New Hampshire that are exceedingly difficult (or exceedingly dangerous, or both) for climbers and hikers alike; the most dangerous – and most infamous – is the one you just read about above, Mt. Washington. There are 48 peaks that are 4,000 feet in elevation or higher, and each comes with its own challenges and dangers. Other notably difficult and/or dangerous peaks to climb in this state include Adams (5,774 feet), Bondcliff (4,265 feet), Isolation (4,004 feet), Lafayette (5,260 feet), and Owls Head (4,025 feet). Now, these peaks are tough, but the good news is this: New Hampshire does have some peaks that are quite a bit friendlier than these!

What kind of dangerous nature in New Hampshire is there?

New Hampshire is beautiful and, relatively speaking, pretty safe – at least towns and cities-wise. That being said, that doesn’t mean there aren’t parts of the state that are a little or even a great deal more dangerous than others. For example, the above-discussed Mt. Washington is easily the single most dangerous place out in the wilds of New Hampshire there is. The combination of extreme cold, incredibly powerful winds, and many other factors make sure it’s one of our state’s scariest – and yet, most beautiful – places. Of course, there’s more scary nature than just the one peak; our oceans can be dangerous, too. Sharks are an occasional issue and rip currents are a scary reality of living at any coastal place. Both can make a trip to the beach a living nightmare. Our weather can get intense, too, and anyone caught outdoors during a blizzard or ice storm is not likely to survive given the temperature and wind extremes. Check this article out for a shortlist of dangerous places and things that can totally kill you in New Hampshire.

Address: Mount Washington, Mt Washington, Sargent's Purchase, NH 03846, USA