These Are The Most Dangerous States In America For 2018

Every state in America has something wonderful to offer, but the fact remains that some places have higher crime rates than others.

RoadSnacks has compiled a list of the most dangerous states in America based on the most recent FBI Crime Report data available. The site looked at violent crimes per capita (per person) and property crimes per capita and ranked each state from 1 to 50. The closer to #1, the more dangerous a state is.

Please note that the crime rates given are not total crimes committed but crimes per 100k. If the total population is 200,000 and the violent crimes per 100k statistic is 500, that means 1,000 violent crimes were committed total.

Here’s a breakdown of the most dangerous states in America.

Thanks again to RoadSnacks for their research. You can read their original article here.

Please note that this list is based on government statistics rather than opinion, and that each state supplies crime statistics to the FBI individually.