Here’s How Much $100 Is Really Worth In Your State

Based on national averages, The Tax Foundation has released data that shows just how much $100 is really worth in every state. Put it this way: if you want your $100 to go further, you should probably move to Mississippi and avoid New York.

With Oregon, Nevada, Illinois, and Pennsylvania (to name a few) hovering around $100 actually being worth $100, there are others on the far end of the spectrum. The ones where $100 is worth the least are:

Washington, D.C. – $84.96
Hawaii – $86.06
New York – $86.73
New Jersey – $87.34
California – $89.05

But a hundred bucks goes pretty far in most of the south and the midwest. Notably:

Mississippi – $115.21
Arkansas – $114.29
South Dakota – $114.21
Alabama – $114.03
West Virginia – $113.12

To put that into perspective, someone who made $50,000/yr in Mississippi would have to make $68,000 in DC. Of course, DC (and New York and California) likely offer many people what they want, and you can’t put a price on that.

Before you coastal residents shout, “But I make more money than they do,” you might want to take a look at this comparison of Nebraska and California when adjusting for purchasing power:

This isn’t a knock on anyone’s state as there are clearly reasons beyond money to live anywhere. But very interesting nonetheless – how did your state stack up when it comes to the value of $100?