The One Historic U.S. Cowboy Town You Absolutely Need To Visit

The cowboy way of life may have changed since the days of the Wild West, but it is still alive and well in towns and areas across America. While the American culture of cattle drives, horse wrangling, and honky-tonks may have changed with times, the lifestyle and livelihood can be found in towns across the United States. Here’s why you’ll want to boot-scoot on over to Sheridan, Wyoming, and visit this historic and thriving U.S. cowboy town:

Have you ever visited the beautiful Sheridan, Wyo., and if so, are there particular attractions, accommodations, and restaurants you’d recommend? Are there other cities in Wyoming you’d recommend exploring as well We’d love to hear your comments! You might want to consider staying at any of these historical inns found across the state or checking out these restaurants serving up some of the best comfort food found across the state.