Five Different Planets Will Align Over The Midwest In An Incredibly Rare Display

The world is a wide, wonderful place, the boundaries of which are not confined to Earth, either. The skies have long fed and fueled the wanderlust of naturalists, romantics, artists, and adventurers, providing infinite and gratifying soul-filling fuel. Gazing up at the big, beautiful universe, with its twinkling stars and far-away galaxies, is an immensely grounding and inspiring experience. And while there are some stellar dark sky parks in the U.S. for epic stargazing, adventure-seekers in the Midwest will be treated to a bucket-list-worthy sky-watching experience during this summer’s incredibly rare ecliptic event that’s viewable with the naked eye – or a simple pair of binoculars.

Have you viewed the planet parade before? For those in the Midwest, this month’s ecliptic event is a bucket-list-worthy experience worth seeking out.