Watch Dolphins Play From Your Window At This Beautiful Seaside Hotel In Hawaii

Perhaps nothing rivals a more perfect beach vacation than being able to come face-to-face with playful dolphins in their natural environment. While whale watching and other marine activities are quite spectacular, their meet-ups are often fleeting and by chance. Dolphins, however, are social and often choose to engage with their adoring fans, providing hours of entertainment. Dolphins even race beside tourist boats and seemingly pose for the cameras, perhaps hoping for food. At the stunning ocean resort in Honolulu, however, there’s no need to board a boat or carry binoculars to see these enchanting sea mammals in action. The Kahala Hotel & Resort features a private lagoon with its own resident dolphins. Here’s why staying here is an unforgettable dolphin-watching experience:


If you are planning a visit to Hawaii January-May, keep in mind there is spectacular humpback whale-watching there as well. A favorite hot-spot to see these beautiful mammals before they make their trek to Alaska is on the Hawaiian island of Maui.