These Are Hands Down The 3 Best U.S. Cities To Visit In May

After a long and weather bizarre winter, spring has FINALLY arrived throughout most of America. Warm (but not too warm) temperatures are beginning to coax people out of hibernation and outdoors so they can enjoy the gorgeous flowers and foliage and return to the outdoor activities they love. It’s also hands down a great travel month. The summer tourist season hasn’t yet kicked off, but businesses and tourist attractions are open for business. That means savvy May travelers can enjoy new locations without the crowds and inflated summer prices. Here are the best choices to visit when you want to get out of town:

What other cities would you add to this list of “must visit” during May? We’d love to hear your thoughts and would love for you to share any photos of your favorite May adventures. For more recommendations on best springtime travel destinations, take a look at these 5 quaint U.S. destinations you’ll want to visit in the springtime.