Here’s The Deal With Wrapping Your Luggage In Plastic

You’ve undoubtedly seen those stations in airports where you can get your entire suitcase wrapped in countless layers of clear plastic. You may have even thought about taking the plunge and trying it out. But is this service worth it? And why would you even want to wrap your bag in plastic?

The short answer is that getting your bag wrapped might protect it from bumps, nicks, and scratches. Baggage handlers need to get as many bags as possible from Point A to B within a very limited time frame, so they’re not always treating luggage delicately. A plastic wrapping can prevent external damage to expensive luggage.

Plastic wrapping stations are available at U.S. airports including Miami, New York-JFK, and Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport. The service usually costs between $15 and $22, depending on how large your bags are.

Even cooler, wrapping services such as Seal & Go, TrueStar, and Secure Wrap include a free tracking sticker with every wrap that will help authorities trace your luggage if it goes missing en route.