Why You May Want To Book An Aisle Seat On Your Next Flight

Window or aisle seat? It’s typically been a matter of preference for the billions of people choosing air travel each year. Some travelers prefer to have an unobstructed view while in the air and perhaps to have a more comfortable spot for a quick nap, while others like the easier access that comes with the aisle. However, after the recent freak accident on the fatal Southwest Airlines flight, customers are reconsidering where they sit.

While the tragic plane flight may cause some travelers to change their seat preference, people should realize that flying to your next destination is safer than traveling by car, train or bus, according to the National Safety Council. Still, if you feel anxious about sitting by a window, simply change where you sit, try and relax, and then enjoy your destination!

Do you have a seat preference when flying, and if so, has the in-flight tragedy changed where you will sit in the future? Why or why not? For related content, you should also brush up on your safety skills while flying, and know how to correctly put on your oxygen mask in the rare event it is needed.