These Two Words Could Get You A Free First Class Flight Upgrade

Ever wanted to be magically bumped to first class without shelling out an extra grand? We all have fantasies of being ushered to the front of the plane, and it seems that two simple words could get you there if you have airline miles in the bank. And no, they’re not “pretty please.”

According to Tilly Bagshawe, a New York Times best-selling author and frequent flier, all you have to do is call the airline’s reservations line and drop the words “revenue management.”

Basically, revenue management is the department that makes sure flights are profitable. Flight agents are put on high alert when that department is mentioned, and are likely to try to accommodate someone who is clearly in the know and possibly well-connected.

If you want to upgrade using your miles, ask the agent if revenue management has released any first-class seats for miles upgrades. If they say no, ask how many seats are left and why they aren’t being released. Chances are, the agent will end up releasing one or two to you by the end of the call.

Bagshawe says she’s had a “100 percent success rate” with this tactic. It’s a pretty useful tip if you’re a frequent flier and want to turn those accrued miles into an otherwise-pricy seat upgrade.