The 13 Questions That Will Tell You Where To Travel Next

If you’re suffering from vacation choice paralysis, this new quiz from the Myers-Briggs Company might be the cure.

You probably know Myers-Briggs as the creators of the famous personality test you may have been asked to take in school or the office. It’s not surprising that they have a lot of data on what makes people tick, so it makes sense that they’ve just partnered up with Royal Caribbean to create a short test that will tell you where you should travel next based on who you are.

Unlike the original Myers-Briggs test, this new quiz is only 13 questions long. It’s designed to figure out what you really want out of a vacation, or your “adventure personality.” At the end of the quiz, you’ll be presented with a number of destinations that suit your unique preferences.

Even veteran travelers might benefit from this new test, as you might receive some suggestions you’ve never considered before. Click here to check out the questionnaire and get your holiday plans sorted.