These Are The Only Two Things You Should Ever Order On A Plane

If you’ve ever found yourself staring at a tinfoil tray of unappetizing airplane food, you may want to listen up. Apparently there are only two things you should ever order on an airplane if you want to ensure a tasty, or at least edible, meal in the sky.

According to Fritz Gross, the director of culinary excellence at LSG Skey Chefs Asia Pacific, your two best options for airplane food are stew or fried rice.

The reasoning is pretty simple. Cooking and dining in the sky presents a number of challenges, and these food items stand up well to packaging, reheating and the dry air of the cabin. In an interview with CNN, Gross said of stew: “we can simmer it and reheat it over and over and it will still be a stew.”

Fried rice is also a good choice because it retains its moisture during the preserving and reheating process. Gross also suggested vegetables and fatty fish were also decent in-flight options.

Airline food has a bad reputation, but Gross revealed that taste isn’t really the first priority. Food safety is paramount, since a case of food poisoning at 40,000 feet could be truly disastrous.