Press This Secret Button On Your Airplane Seat To Get More Room

If there’s one thing all economy class cabins seem to have in common, it’s an appalling lack of space to stretch out. Luckily, there’s actually a secret button on your plane seat that will give you a bit more breathing room.

If you have an aisle seat, finding the button is pretty simple. Just slide your hand up the underside of the outer armrest until it’s close to the hinge. Feel around with your fingers for the button. Once you find it, press it firmly and pull your armrest up and out of the way.

No more awkwardly shimmying into your neighbors personal space in order to reach something in the overhead bin or having your ribs poked by a hard metal rod through the whole flight.

Is this a magical antidote to all economy class comfort woes? No, but it will give you a few more inches of personal space. Sometimes, that can make all the difference between feeling uncomfortably cramped or being able to relax enough to sleep through the rest of the flight.

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