This Website Tells You Exactly Where To Sit On Your Next Flight

If you’ve ever struggled to choose your seat when booking a flight, this website is a godsend. It can be tough to know exactly how a plane’s cabin is laid out before actually stepping into it, so SeatGuru makes picking out your seat a bit easier.

Since 2001, SeatGuru has been offering seat maps of most commercial planes. All travelers need to do is stop by the website, plug in their travel dates and flight number, and the service will provide a map of the cabin.

After they’ve found a plane map, travelers can select their seats armed with more information. For example, you might try to snag seats close to (or far away from) the bathrooms, avoid seats with obstructed window views, or angle for a spot by the door.

It’s just one more way that doing a bit of research ahead of time can make your travel experience smoother. Click here to visit SeatGuru.