Here’s The Real Reason You Can’t Use A Plane Bathroom Before Takeoff

Did you know that it’s actually against the law to use an airplane bathroom before takeoff?

No, the flight attendants are conspiring to make you squirm in your seat – according to security and international aviation law, a plane is not legally allowed to leave the tarmac while a passenger is in the toilet.

There are several reasons for this rule, which also applies to landing. Turns out, takeoff and landing are the most dangerous times to be in an airplane. It’s crucial that everyone be seated and securely strapped in to avoid injury.

If the plane has to perform an emergency landing or stop, there’s nothing in the bathroom that can be used to keep a passenger from bouncing around. The doors might also jam and prevent the occupant from evacuating.

Even grimmer, it’s crucial that everyone be in their assigned seats for takeoff and landing in case something goes horribly awry and emergency teams have to identify bodies based on seating plans. Gulp.

When it comes to air travel, a good rule of thumb is to always use the bathroom before you board.