The Number One Mistake You’re Making That May Get Your Luggage Lost

If you’ve ever touched down somewhere only to discover that your luggage is on the other side of the country, you know that lost baggage can put a serious damper on vacation fun. But did you know that you may be making a crucial mistake that could lead to your suitcase getting left behind?

According to airport baggage handlers, the number one reason luggage is lost or misplaced is actually not the airline’s fault at all. Most suitcases go missing because the passenger checked into their flight late.

Here’s why arriving fashionably late for your flight could cost you.

When you drop off your baggage at the check-in counter, it’s not shuttled off to your airplane right away. Luggage actually goes through a complicated process of security screening and sorting that usually takes at least an hour.

This screening is essential to the safety of the flight and is mandatory. Baggage then has to be transported from the screening area and loaded onto the airplane. If the airplane in question is about to take off, chances are that the crew aren’t going to delay a flight just to reopen the hold and stow your suitcase away.

This means that even if make it through security and onto your flight in time to travel, your luggage may still be going through the screening process as you’re sailing into the clouds.

Before you pat yourself on the back for managing to hop on board just before the plane doors close, it could pay to remember that your baggage might not be so lucky.