This Is Some Of The Lightest Luggage Money Can Buy

Ask a bunch of travelers what their least favorite part of traveling is, and they’ll probably all come back with the same answer: hauling around luggage.

Packing a bag is necessary if you want to arrive at your destination with clean clothes, and this new set of luggage from Tumi may make the trip from A to B a bit easier.

Their ultralight Latitude collection includes four pieces of varying sizes. There’s the International Carry-on, the International Slim Carry-on (yes, it’s slimmer than the the first one), the Short Trip Packing Case and the Extended Trip Packing Case.

Each piece has a hard exterior that is actually woven using Self-Reinforced Poly-Propylene fibers. This is the same stuff used to make automobiles stand up to collisions.

This hi-tech material means that the suitcases are really strong and really, really light. It also makes them rather expensive at $645 to $745 each.

But when you consider the fact that you’ll never have to buy another suitcase again, that premium price tag starts to look a bit friendlier.

Click here to browse the Tumi Latitude collection.