What You Should Expect When You Are Involuntarily Bumped From A Flight

It’s one thing when an airline has overbooked a flight, and passengers voluntarily give up their seats for future travel or even cash. But it’s quite another when they announce passengers will involuntarily be “chosen” to deboard, and you’ve drawn the short straw. If that’s the case, do you know your rights and what you should expect? Here’s what the airline must do:

The Department of Transportation has created a Fly Rights document that provides a comprehensive guide to consumer air travel worthy of a read before you next trip. Hopefully, you’ll never be bumped involuntarily, but at least knowing your rights and procedures will help a bad start to travel not ruining an entire trip. Why there are limitations about what an airline has to do, sometimes they will go above and beyond in an effort to quell negative publicity. Who knows? You may end up with a fatter pocketbook in the end! Look at what this unlucky/ucky Washington passenger was rewarded with after being bumped.