This Is Why You Should Never Ask To Have Your Lost Hotel Room Key Replaced

When you’re out and about enjoying your vacation destination, it’s understandably easy to misplace your hotel room key. After all, with most modern hotels using simple plastic key cards rather than traditional metal keys, getting a replacement made up can be done in seconds at the front desk.

However, cautious travelers should think twice about asking the hotel staff to replace your lost key card or key. The reason? You really can’t be sure that you lost the card at all – it may have been stolen by someone looking to gain access to your room.

The best thing to do if you realize your room key is nowhere to be found is to ask the hotel to move you to another room. Though it may feel like a hassle, most hotels will move you for free if you explain that you’re concerned about safety.

If you’re truly worried about misplacing your key card or room key, consider leaving it with the front desk before you head out to explore. This strategy will give you peace of mind and prevent your key from falling into the wrong hands.