The New Heated Jacket That Will Make Your Winter Travels So Much Cozier

If you’re planning to explore the outdoors this season, you’ll want to pick up this awesome heated jacket.

Amazon reviewers are obsessed with this latest offering from Ororo, a heated apparel company. The company specializes in coats, sweatshirts, and jackets that come equipped with rechargeable battery heating devices. Yup – this clothing actually makes its own heat.

The Ororo jacket provides four different heating levels on multiple spots across the body. What’s more, this jacket promises to keep you toasty for up to eight hours. That should carry you through a full day of hiking or urban exploration. The company even says that the jacket can deal with sub-arctic temps.

You can grab the jacket on Amazon for a cool $170. That’s a steal considering that this garment is also wind and water resistant, not to mention actually fashionable. Check it out here and stay warm this winter, even in the harshest conditions.