The Suprisingly Easy Way To Get Extra Food On Your Next Flight

Airplane food may not have the best reputation in culinary circles. However, when the mid-air munchies strike, anything will do. So how do you go about getting a second helping? And is that even allowed?

Surprisingly, it’s actually pretty easy to get your hands on another portion of food for free. All you have to do is…ask. But the way you do it matters.

A good strategy is to simply tell a member of the crew that you would appreciate an extra serving if there are any leftovers after the service. Explain that the portion was too small for you, or that you didn’t have a chance to eat before getting on board. In most cases, they’ll be happy to oblige. Because all perishable food (opened and unopened) must be discarded after each flight due to health regulations, leftovers will simply end up in the trash.

While there’s nothing wrong with requesting a second serving of food on a flight, your luck may vary. Because airlines are always looking to minimize excess spending, the amount of food on board is usually precisely planned according to the exact passenger count. This means that there may only be leftovers if another passenger skips their meal or there was a mistake with a dietary preference order.

The next time you find yourself on a flight with a growling stomach, don’t be shy about politely requesting another helping. Of course, following these tips for packing your carry on could help you avoid problems like this all together.