This Is The Weird Reason Flight Attendants Hate When Passengers Order Diet Coke

Nobody wants to be that person ordering a complicated drink in the middle of a flight and hold up the entire beverage service. So if you’re not feeling fussy, why not order a simple soda, right?

Apparently, one of the most annoying drinks for flight attendants to prepare is actually Diet Coke.

The reason? The cabin pressure on a plane increases the carbonation in sodas. Though this occurs in all sodas, a study from Illinois State University found that Diet Coke is the biggest culprit.

But how much could one fizzy soda slow down beverage service? One flight attendant told travel blog These Gold Wings that pouring a Diet Coke takes as much as three times longer than other beverages.

If you don’t want your flight attendant to hate you, consider holding off on a round of Diet Cokes until you get back on solid land.