This Is The Crucial Difference Between Direct And Non-Stop Flights

Most people would rather have their air travel experience be as seamless and quick as possible. For this reason, it’s tempting to shell out extra cash for a direct or nonstop flight. But did you know there’s actually a huge difference between the two?

Though the term “direct” might lead you to believe that it refers to a flight which takes off at Point A and lands at Point B without any intervening stops, that’s actually not the case.

A “direct” flight means only that the flight number doesn’t change. That means that the aircraft may make one (or even two or three) stops.

Meanwhile, a “nonstop” flight will take you from your originating airport to your destination without stopping. If you’re looking to fly straight from your home airport to your final stop without a layover in another locale, book a nonstop flight rather than a direct one.