Here Are The Scary Ways Your Data May Be At Risk When You Travel

Traveling comes with obvious dangers – missing your flight, losing your passport, or getting lost on a trek through the jungle – but it can also expose you to some serious technological perils.

In recent years, many hotel chains and airlines have been hit with data breaches that have jeopardized customer information such as credit card numbers, travel history, and personal identifying information. Even if your data isn’t stolen by a hacker, traveling can also put you at risk of theft and scams.

Luckily, there are some easy ways to protect your data while on the move.

You should also use caution when connecting to a rental car’s Bluetooth system, as your phone’s information often remains stored in the vehicle even after your turn in the keys.

Traveling shouldn’t mean losing your sensitive financial and personal data. Keep an eye on your devices and develop good technology habits to keep your data secure.