This New Travel Tool Helps Long Distance Couples Meet For Less Money

If you’re struggling to connect in a long-distance relationship, this new travel tool might help make romance a little easier.

Kayak is releasing a new tool called Rendezvous deigned to help people in long-distance relationships – including family members and friends separated by miles – meet up in the most affordable way possible. The tool figures out which travel destinations are the cheapest options for both partners.

All users need to do is enter their information, including their two home airports and when they’d like to meet up, and the tool does the rest. It will look at prices found in the last 48 hours to determine the perfect spot to, well, rendezvous.

This tool is the perfect way to see distant loved ones without asking one person to foot the entire travel bill or journey too far from home. Click to check out Rendezvous for yourself.