Here’s How Shipping Your Luggage Compares With Checking It At The Airport

With airlines constantly raising the price of checked baggage, many travelers might wonder if there’s a cheaper, faster, or easier way to get their stuff from point A to point B.

For example, a family traveling with three checked bags at $70 apiece might be looking at a $210 fee just to take their suitcases along. And then there’s the worry that your stuff has been tossed onto the wrong plane or damaged en route.

So what’s the price difference? Sometimes, not that much. LugLess charges just $18 to $40 per 50-pound bag. However, it requires sending your stuff a few days before your departure and receiving it a few days after you get back. There are also options for faster delivery for a higher price.

Another popular service, Luggage Forward, charges $99 for five-day delivery of a 50-pound bag with doorstep pickup and delivery. If you want your stuff to show up in one day, the price jumps to $219.

Bottom line: if you’re okay with either sending your bags ahead of you or value convenience enough to pay a slightly higher price, shipping your luggage may be a good option. If you want same-day access to your stuff and are okay with paying the standard checked bag fee, entrusting the airline with your belongings might be the better route.