Most People Don’t Know There’s Actually A Way To Cancel Your Domestic Flight For Free

Can’t decide whether to book that flight now or wait to check prices in the morning? Just clicked “confirm” on a ticket purchase only to find a better price on another site?

Don’t worry – no matter what the airline says, you’re not actually locked into that plane ticket as soon as you make the purchase. Most people don’t know there’s actually a really simple way to cancel their recently booked flight without paying a penny in cancellation fees.

The Department of Transportation requires that any reservation for a flight to or from the United states be held at the quoted price for 24 hours without payment. Furthermore, a passenger can request a full cancellation and refund within that time period, without being required to pay a penalty.

This means that you can book a plane ticket today and cancel without any repercussions, as long as you do so within 24 hours of purchase. In fact, your card won’t even be charged until the 24 hours is up.

Additionally, this rule applies to domestic and foreign airlines, so feel free to book that Italian holiday without fear.