This Is Why You Won’t Find A Bible In Your Hotel Room Anymore

If you’ve checked into a hotel room recently, you may have noticed that the bedside drawer was empty.

Bibles are becoming a bit of a rarity in modern hotel rooms. In fact, the number of hotels that supply in-room religious reading materials has dropped 15 percent in just 10 years. Why? It has to do with the kind of guests checking into hotels these days.

Millennials are the least religious generation in American history and more and more hotels are looking to attract younger travelers. Most hotel franchises leave the Bible issue up to individual hotel owners and an increasing number of them are opting to leaving religious texts out of their rooms in order to avoiding turning off millennial guests.

Though this may seem like a big departure from tradition, the practice of keeping Bibles in hotel rooms is barely 100 years old. Gideon International – a Christian organization formed in 1908 by two traveling Christian salesmen – began offering free bibles to hotel owners in the 1910s and 1920s.

Though Bibles may be on their way out, there is one thing that more and more hotels (about 98 percent) are adding to their rooms: Wi-Fi.

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