The Best Sandwich In Florida Can Be Found In The Most Unexpected Place

Think you need to head to some artisanal bakery for a bite of the best sandwich in Florida? Think again.

Thrillist has recently declared that the best sandwich in the Sunshine State can be found in the most unexpected of places: a Publix supermarket. And they’re not alone – plenty of others have chimed in with their agreement.

Locals are definitely on board. This grocery store chain is known for having one of the most delicious subs around. In fact, Floridians have even nicknamed it the “Pub Sub” and load up on them for game days and backyard cookouts. The subs even have their own Facebook fan page and a bona fide theme song.

So what makes this grocery store sandwich so craveable? First of all, the price is easy to swallow. For under $10 you can get a massive sandwich that will satisfy you and a friend. But the crucial ingredient seems to be the sandwich’s honest simplicity. It’s filled with good quality meat (and you can swap in Boar’s Head deli cuts for a slight upcharge) and classic sandwich stuffings like tomato, lettuce, cucumbers, onions, black olives and green peppers. Plus, you can customize it pretty much however you want.

Of course, some people think there’s a deeper reason people love the Publix sub as much as they do. It reminds them of lunch on hot summer days, backyard pool parties, road trips and meals with friends and family. The sandwich itself may be pretty delicious, but the memories of childhood and fun times with loved ones may be the real special sauce.