These Are The 10 U.S. Cities To Avoid If You Don’t Want Bedbugs

When it comes to uninvited guests, bed bugs may top the list. These tiny insects like to nest in soft furniture and feed on human blood, and it turns out you may have a higher likelihood of encountering them in certain U.S. cities.

Pest control giant Orkin has just released its annual list of the Top 50 Bed Bug Cities in America and the results will make your skin crawl.

Topping the list is Baltimore, Maryland. This is actually the second year in a row the East Coast city has earned the number one spot. New Orleans and Flint, Michigan have made their debut appearance on the list.

In better news, New York has dropped four spots in the rankings and Orlando has dropped off completely.

Orkin based its list on the number of bed bug treatments the company performed between December 1, 2016 and November 30, 2017, including both residential and commercial properties.

1. Baltimore

2. Washington, D.C.

3. Chicago

4. Los Angeles

5. Columbus, Ohio

6. Cincinnati

7. Detroit

8. New York

9. San Francisco-Oakland San Jose

10. Dallas-Fort Worth

The next time you check into a hotel in any of these cities, be sure to keep an eye out for any unwanted hitchhikers. For more on what you should do as soon as you enter your hotel room, check out our guide here.