This Is The Unexpected Reason Why Airports Have Carpet

Each airport is unique, but there’s one thing that most have in common. And it’s under your feet.

It’s a surprising fact that almost all major airports have carpeted terminals. This doesn’t make a lot of practical sense; wheeled luggage would move more easily over hard floors and carpet is more difficult to clean than tile. So why all the fuzzy flooring?

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It turns out that carpet has a measurable effect on passengers’ mood and behavior. Airport planners use carpet to help travelers feel more relaxed and “at home.” Apparently, people are less likely to stress out when they’re padding quietly over carpet than clattering over hard tile. It also reduces noise in holding areas like gates and check-in lines.

Other design elements, like low ceilings and natural lighting, are also used to achieve the same warm and cozy effect. So the next time you’re relaxing at your gate and wondering who chose that awful carpet pattern, just know that it might be doing your brain some good.