Making This Airport Mistake Could Cost You A Fortune In Parking Fees

Between negotiating traffic, finding a parking space, and paying for your use of the airport lot, getting to and from the airport can feel like almost as much of an epic saga as the flight itself.

As one traveler related to The Points Guy, not doing your homework when it comes to parking options at the airport could cost you serious cash. Though you might think that going with the cheapest, furthest parking lot at the airport will net you the biggest savings, that’s not always the case.

Instead, figure out if there are thriftier parking options around using sites like Parking Panda or You can also contact the airport directly and ask what they recommend doing in the event that all lots are full. Though this is a pretty unlikely situation, staff are usually willing to point you towards third-party lots with affordable rates.

And, of course, taking public transportation to and from the airport is usually the cheapest and most environmentally friendly option.