The One Airport Job Where You Can Earn Six Figures With No Prior Experience

If someone asked you what the most lucrative job in air travel is, you might assume it’s piloting the plane. But you’d be wrong.

In fact, one of the top-paying jobs on the market is actually a behind-the-scenes airport position that many travelers don’t even realize exists.

If you’re looking to make a six-figure salary with no prior experience, you might want to look into becoming an air traffic controller. The 2016 median salary for this position was a staggering $122,410, and that’s with no prior relevant work experience or even a bachelor’s degree. You’d be making almost double the median salary of a commercial pilot.

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So what do you need to nab this job? Applicants must be willing to commit to many months of ongoing training and testing and be under the age of 31. You must also speak English fluently and have three years of prior work experience doing anything.

With about 7,500 projected job openings in the next six years, you may be wondering why everyone isn’t angling for jobs as an air traffic controller. The reality is that this is an extremely high-intensity job for which you are responsible for preventing catastrophic collisions and that the training is so rigorous that up to 40 percent of applicants drop out.

Still, it’s a cool option if you’re looking for a fascinating job with great perks.