The 7 Best Airlines Ranked In Order Of Legroom

If there’s one in-flight amenity we all want more of, it’s legroom. There’s nothing quite so uncomfortable as being folded into a tiny airline seat for hours at a time without space to stretch out. For those of us who aren’t flying first class regularly or are on the taller side, legroom can be a big deal.

You may not realize that the major airlines all offer slightly different amounts of space. We’ve compiled this list of the top American airlines ranked in order of how much legroom you get in economy class. Read on to see how your favorite airline stacks up.

JetBlue = 34 inches

Virgin America = 32 inches

Southwest = 32 inches

Delta = 31 inches

American = 31 inches

United = 30 inches

Spirit = 28 inches


While it may come as no surprise that budget airline Spirit has the most cramped seating, United Airlines isn’t much roomier with a mere 30 inches of space. JetBlue promises “the most legroom in coach” and it seems to deliver. Hopefully this list is helpful until we can all afford to fly Business class on every trip.

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