This Is The Reason Young People Are Going On The Same Vacation Multiple Times

Some people love planning vacations. Looking through photos of incredible destinations, combing through hotel reviews, and charting itineraries can be fun. Others can’t stand the work that goes into pulling together the perfect holiday.

Now, new research is suggesting that Millennials are actually opting to go on the same vacation multiple times. The reason? They’re just too tired to research new places to go.

The report comes courtesy of via TravelPulse and details how young people are experiencing “scroll fatigue” when trying to plan their ideal getaway online. In fact, the data suggests that Millennials are one of the least likely groups to take a vacation at all due to fears of falling behind professionally.

The study says that the combination of being fatigued from work and having to plan an elaborate trip away has led up to 51 percent of young people to take a vacation to somewhere they’ve already been before in order to avoid researching new destinations. A full 38 percent of Millennials also said they’d be willing to pay someone to plan for them. You know you’re burned out when you need a vacation from your own vacation.